Reindeer Husbandry in Russia

Type de publication  Book Chapter
Auteur(s)  Klokov, K.
Titre de l'ouvrage  Sustainable Reindeer Husbandry Final Report
Année  2002
Pages  23-72

Russia has about two thirds of the world’s population of domesticated reindeer. They are herded on a territory of more than three millions of square kilometers on the tundra, forest-tundra, taiga and mountain areas. The reindeer husbandry in Russia is the basis of the cultures of many northern indigenous peoples, who have various traditions and wide experiences of reindeer herding in a diversity of landscapes. Domesticated reindeer allows them to live in harmony with the extremely severe natural conditions of the Far North. Many herders say: “Our people will live as long as the reindeer are here. If there are no reindeer –there will not be our people”.